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We Remove:

  • Glasswool Insulation Batts
  • Rockwool Insulation Batts
  • Blow in Paper (cellulose fibre) Insulation
  • Foil Insulation
  • Polystyrene Insulation
  • Thermoseal Pillows
  • Wool Batts or blow-in

Removal Services include:

  • Access via the roof where possible to minimize the chance of any contamination entering your home.
  • All removed insulation is taken away for tipping.
  • Disposal costs are included at a waste management facility.
  • Roof report – We notify you of any issues requiring maintenance like sagging ceilings, broken roof tiles etc.

Batt Insulation Removal:

We bag up and dispose of the batts, foil or polystyrene insulation.

Vacuum Removals:

Cellulose fibre, Rockwool & Wool insulation is removed with our high-powered vacuum.

Dust Vacuum:

An overall vacuum of the ceiling area to remove dust and leaf debris.

Rubbish Removal:

Over the years the roof space is a dumping ground for every tradesman who’s worked up there. We find old timber, discarded wiring, nails, tiles, bricks, cable reels, rat baits and all sorts of packaging, which we will not be removed unless quoted for.

Why Removal Is So Important

Removal of old ineffective Insulation is a must for home owners to get the most out of your home.

Here are the main reasons:

Health Issues are a huge issue with old insulation, over time insulation breaks down into very fine particles and can create serious health risks for allergy & asthma sufferers.

  • Risk of Fire is always possible with old blow–in insulation especially with Halogen Downlights present.
  • 6 Star Energy ratings are now in place for all homes so getting rid of the old insulation & topping up with some new higher rated batts is always a plus.
  • Heating & cooling cost can be drastically reduced, old insulation does not have the same properties as new insulation so you could be losing money by not upgrading.
  • Ceiling collapse can occur from blow–in insulation forcing the ceilings down from years of movement.